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Fundraising a Paige Turner

Kinross resident Paige Anderton says she's "little but fierece" and her passion for life started early. 

The 26-year old was born three months premature in 1992, raised by her single mother and 'nonno', her grandfather.


January 2019

Beauty Pageant 2019

Miss & Ms Premier Elite National @ Sorrento Surf Lifesaving Club.

Was an honour to be part of this event with proceeds going towards the Cancer Council.


February 2019

Sister act to help fund
autism awareness

WEARING a $2 dress, pink sash and broad smile, Ariana Brazil is putting her best foot forward to raise funds for Autism Association of WA.

The six-year-old Clarkson girl is taking part in her first pageant, Miss Premier Elite, and learning about community engagement and philanthropy in the process.


January 2021

The Pageant Project:
Interviews Renata 

Renata Grandao is a social media manager, content creator and web designer for small businesses. She is also the Founder and Director of Premier Elite Pageants. Join us as we talk all things social media and pageantry!


May 2021

Maddison Jury
Little Miss Premier Elite 2021

I believe it is important for girls to know that they can do anything. To know they are good enough and strong enough to stand up to whatever comes their way.


Sometimes girls get told that they can’t do certain things because they are a girl and we all need to know that we can do anything!


October 2021

Aaleyah Chater
Pre-Teen Miss Premier Elite 2021

It was so much fun, our pageant does so many extra things outside of the actual pageant in the lead-up that makes it extra special and not just about the one day, we even had a pizza pajama party the night before.


I did have lots of nerves but we had a huge big supportive crowd that made us feel so special.


October 2021

Jess Hosking
Miss Teen Premier Elite 2021

I chose to compete for my current title as I feel it is a great platform to help raise awareness for the Blue Tree Foundation, a charity that I am very passionate about. They are about helping people and raising awareness for mental health issues such as depression. By painting blue trees around Australia, people begin to become aware of this large issue surrounding our society and instead of brushing it off, people are forced to take notice.


October 2021

Keely Knight
Miss Premier Elite 2021

In a harsh reality, it is so important that us girls and women stick together, support one another and protect each other through whatever we can.

We should. Because women can conquer the world if we want to.


October 2021

Emma Carver
Ms Premier Elite 2021

As an older competitor I wanted to show other women my age that even though you might be a mum during the day, you can be a princess too! Premier Elite does not have an age restriction on the MS Category, therefore I was able to compete, whereas I might have been too old for other systems.


October 2021

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